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Why Should Students Care?

Posted by Brainspring on 18th Feb 2015

Hi everyone, How has reading The Smartest Kids in the World been going?  I finished over a week ago and all these ideas have been swimming around in my head ever since.  I would love to set up a real- … read more

Mastering Reading Skills

Posted by Brainspring on 29th Jan 2015

  Students Struggling to Master Reading Skills?  Check These Aspects of Instruction If your students don’t seem to be mastering reading skills or moving towards automaticity, there are sev … read more

How is Dyslexia Diagnosed?

Posted by Brainspring on 24th Sep 2014

  Hi everyone, I started rereading Overcoming Dyslexia, by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, a few weeks ago.  I found myself learning just as much the second time around as I did when I first read the book a … read more