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Multisensory Monday: “Kick” the Vowel (In The Most Friendly Way Possible)

Posted by Brainspring on 30th Nov 2020

As the days get shorter, we are finding ourselves sitting inside a lot, staring at screens and papers. Why not change things up a bit and get moving?! This Multisensory Monday, we’re shaking off … read more

Multisensory Monday: Bossy-R File Folder Game (Thanksgiving Edition)

Posted by Brainspring on 22nd Nov 2020

Break out the board games, Thanksgiving break is upon us! What do words such as turkey, sister, and whirl have in common? You guessed it: They all contain a Bossy-R sound! Bossy-R sounds, also known a … read more

Getting Older Students to Buy-In to Multisensory Lessons

Posted by Brainspring on 19th Nov 2020

Working with older, struggling readers can be exceptionally challenging. They have an enormous well of “coping” strategies. In other words, they have learned a million ways to NOT read while reading. … read more

Multisensory Monday: Syllabication Jenga

Posted by Tammi Brandon on 13th Apr 2020

Do you need an activity to practice syllabication that is both challenging and fun? If so, try this out! Make it Multisensory You’ll need a Jenga game and fine-tip marker. You’ll also want to have the … read more