Dr. Maggie's Phonics Resource Guide

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Dr. Maggie's Phonics Resource Guide

A Comprehensive Program for Teaching Essential Skills

This invaluable companion to the Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers series contains complete, detailed lesson plans for each of the 24 books, along with a collection of reproducibles to reduce your planning and preparation time. This guide provides phonics activities that involve children in all three learning modalities - the visual, the auditory and the kinesthetic. Teaching children basic phonics knowledge through "total body response" activities such as chanting, singing, physical movement and active games motivates children's participation and increases their internalization of concepts.

160 pages. Each book's lesson plan is divided into four sections:
· "Ready" prepares young readers with multimodal learning experiences
· "Read" makes reading the reward for learning
· "Review" improves comprehension
· "Reinforce" ensures skill retention

Grades K-3

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