Hawk Davidson - Extreme Athlete High Interest Set

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Hawk Davidson - Extreme Athlete High Interest Set

Author: Tony Reno
Readability Level: 2nd Grade Readability
Recommended Ages: 11 - 18+
Subject/Genre: Adventure
DRP Lexile Rating: DRP Level: 46 | AR Quizzes

Hawk Davidson tests extreme sports equipment for ACME Extreme Sports Company. Hawk often finds himself in dangerous situations with Samantha Turner and other adversaries from RIVAL Sports, ACME's top competitor. Follow Hawk as he skates, surfs, snowboards, kayaks, and bikes his way to solving extreme sports mysteries.

Escape from RIVAL
When RIVAL steals ACME's prototype mountain bike, ACME sends Hawk to 'retrieve' it.

Mystery at Desert Lake
Hawk helps a friend find out why ATV riders are harassing the people of Desert Lake.

The Trap
While Hawk is competing in a surfing meet, he discovers RIVAL has made 'the trap'.

The Skull Skaters
If skateboarders are not skating at the local skate park, where are they skating?

The Guru
ACME sends Hawk to find the location of a snowboarding master before RIVAL finds him.

Each book is 5 x 7, 44 pp., with 12 pt. type

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