Hot Dots Reading Comprehension - Complete Set

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Hot Dots Reading Comprehension Set

The Self-Checking Comprehension Program for Beginning Readers!

Complete Comprehension Set Includes: 1 each set (50 comprehension cards per set) PLUS 6 Talking Hot Dots Pens.

  • Set 1 - Getting the Main Idea
  • Set 2 - Noting and Recalling Details
  • Set 3 - Drawing Conclusions/Predicting Outcomes
  • Set 4 - Using Context Clues
  • Set 5 - Finding the Sequence/Finding Cause & Effect
  • Set 6 - Making Inferences

Target 6 key skills with leveled card sets and electronic pens that function as personal tutors.

The heart of the program is the Talking Hot Dots Pen (sold separately) that provides fun feedback as it TALKS, make fun SOUNDS and even GLOWS. Press a correct answer and hear words of encouragement as the pen glows green. Select a wrong answer and you might hear “Sorry, try again” as the pen glows red. This is the kind of reinforcement children respond to with repeated play...and practice soon leads to mastery!

Grades 2-6

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