How to Spell 1

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How to Spell 1

How to Spell 1 is a 64-page workbook that concentrates on sound and sight words appropriate for first grade students. On each page there are instructions for teachers to relay to students. Students learn to spell by pronouncing and writing words and reinforce what they have learned by working individually in the workbook or through the How to Teach Spelling Resource Manual.

How to Spell 1 also includes a chart for students to measure their progress as they learn more sounds and spelling patterns.

Skills Addressed

• Consonant review
• Short vowels
• Sight words
• Digraphs (sh, ch, th, ay, ai, oa, ee, ea)
• Initial consonant blends
• Silent-e
y as a vowel
• Diphthongs (ow, oo, oy, aw)
r-Controlled vowels
• Silent letters
f, l,s spelling rule
k-ck generalization
• Inflectional endings

Grade 1

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