I Have, Who Has? Language Arts, Gr. 3-4

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I Have, Who Has? Language Arts, Gr. 3-4

A Fun, Interactive Way to Learn

"Who has the words that describe the I Have, Who Has? series?" "I have the words fun and interactive." This is the type of interaction you'll hear as students complete the activities. The activities consist of a series of question and answer cards. Students are actively engaged as each player answers a question and then asks the next one. When students reach the last card, they will find that it "loops" back to the first card. The interaction provides a motivating and entertaining way for students to reinforce language skills. Requires minimal preparation but results in maximum participation and effort.

From synonyms and antonyms to grammar and analogies, each game reinforces essential language arts skills. The reproducible Active Listening and Enrichment page that follows each card game provides students with an opportunity to extend and transfer the learning to a paper-and-pencil activity.

The activities require minimal preparation and effort. So wait no longer. Simply make copies of the game cards and round up your group for some fun!

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