I Wonder...Series 2 Sample Set

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I Wonder...Series 2 Sample Set

24 Captivating Questions to Get Students Reading

8 page High-Interest Books

  • Builds reading comprehension
  • Using context clues
  • Finding relevant facts in nonfiction
  • Drawing conclusions

I wonder...

  • Who invented chocolate chip cookies?
  • Do animals see colors?
  • Why does the camel have a hump?


Series 2 Sample Set Includes:

24 Books (1 of each title) & 1 64-page Activity Book featuring cloze reading activities, post-tests and more!

Series 2 Titles:
LEVEL A (Reading Level 1-2)
What Are Wisdom Teeth?
Where Do The Stars Go During The Day?
Who First Made Crayons?
How Long Do Animals Live?
What Is A Funny Bone?
Do Animals See Colors?
Why Do We Get Hiccups?
How Did The Hamster Get Its Name?
Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?
How Do Whales Sleep?
Why Do We Yawn?
Who Discovered Popcorn?


LEVEL B (Reading Level 2-4)
How Do Bones Grow?
Who First Made Jelly Beans?
Do Fish Sleep?
How Did the White House Get its Name?
Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?
Why Don't Spiders Stick to their Webs?
How Did French Fries Come to America?
Why Do We Sneeze?
What is a Cold-Blooded Animal?
Who Invented Chocolate Chip Cookies?
Why Does the Camel Have a Hump?
How Did Coins Get their Names?

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