Jump Right into Reading

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Jump Right into Reading

Jump Right into Reading introduces the letters of the alphabet (only regular sounds) in carefully sequenced groups so that words can be read immediately. Students learn how letters and their sounds combine to make words that have meaning. An engaging, connect-the-dots line drawing of an animal introduces each new letter. The exercises help students develop reading comprehension and vocabulary while introducing phonics skills and reinforcing phonological awareness. Students practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters in each lesson. Each section includes ongoing review.

Skills Addressed


b, m, h, f, t, a   and the sight words as, has, is,his, and the

p, l, r, n, d, i   and the sight word I

s, c, j, g, k, o   and the sight words of, to, no, and come

w, q, z, v, x, y, u   and the sight words you and some

e   with all consonants and other vowels

Grades K-1
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