Language Boosters, Gr. 3

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Language Boosters, Gr. 3

Build your students' language skills any time with the quick, cross-curricular daily practice pages in Language Boosters. This book is designed to supplement your existing language arts curriculum and reinforce the other content areas. Whether the focus of the hour is on math, science, social studies, or language arts, the 100 practice pages in this resource addresses content-area concepts while helping students master fundamental language skills. Presented in progressive order, each page features four questions that correspond to found fundamental categories of language instruction that are proven to be effective in boosting word knowledge and language proficiency:

  • Vocabulary—: everyday and academic words
  • Word Usage:—grammar, syntax, mechanics, and other language conventions
  • Comprehension—: context clues, word meaning, recall, and making inferences
  • Synonyms, Antonyms, and Multiple-Meaning Words—: homographs and homophones
  • Cognitive and Written Language—: responses to language, including personal connections

While all students will benefit from repeated practice with language skills and content themes presented, Language Boosters offers all variety of features to specifically support English Language Learners. Each practice page contains repetition of predictability of skills and tasks through consistent wording of directions, repeating question formats, simple sentence structure, and numerous illustrations for strong visual reference.

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