Language Smarts™ Level D

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Language Smarts™ Level D

Language Smarts™ Level D (3rd grade) is the newest addition to the award-winning Language Smarts™ series. This colorful, fun, 352-page book teaches reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and thinking skills students are expected to learn in third grade and several skills and concepts normally taught in fourth grade. Language Smarts™ can serve as a core curriculum for language arts or as a supplemental resource. Improve your students' language arts skills while you develop their critical thinking skills with these easy-to-use lessons and activities.

Teaching and practicing language arts skills and concepts has never been easier! No lesson preparation needed! Each section introduces a specific topic, followed by appropriate practice and application activities. These engaging and colorful lessons develop critical thinking and language arts skills through a variety of activities and different genres: parts of speech, punctuation, sentences and paragraphs, homophones and homographs, fact or inferences, writing, and more!

Grade 3
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