Megawords 2, 2nd Edition

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Megawords 2, 2nd Edition

Long, multisyllabic words don't have to be intimidating to your children. The skill-based Megawords series presents word lists arranged by word structure and spelling pattern, teaching reading, spelling, and usage through instruction and progression of skills.

In Book 2, students will focus on common prefixes and suffixes found in two-syllable words, including the spelling rules for adding suffixes and the meaning of prefixes and some Latin roots. Exercises include spelling practice, proofreading, crossword puzzles, word finds, fill in the blank, categorizing, sorting, and passage reading for fluency and comprehension. 108 non-reproducible pages, softcover. Grades 4-12.

This 2nd Edition features include one-syllable warm-up pages; content-area reading passages; mid-book review list & activities; and redesigned pages highlighting instructional content.

Skills Addressed:

  • Common prefixes and suffixes
  • List 9: -ly, -ty, -ful, -ment, -fully, -ness, -some, -less, -s, -es
  • List 10:-ing, -er, -est, -en, -ish, -y
  • List 11: Three sounds of -ed
  • List 12: Vowel suffixes
  • List 13: re-, de-, ex-, pre-, per-, sub, un-, in-, pro-
  • List 14: inter-, a-, trans-, con-, dis-, mis-, ad-, ab-, ob-

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