Near-Star Planets Class Set

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Near-Star Planets Class Set

5 Sets of the Near Star Planets Books:

Not far away in space, the fate of people on seven planets rests on the shoulders of the Consuls of the Near-Star Forum. And when the Consuls need help, they call Rayk Hazen. 

Fans of space adventure can read these books independently with good first-grade decoding skills and sight words from the Fry 300 and Dolch second grade lists. Five percent of the words in each book are repeating “challenge” words to build vocabulary. Features vivid artwork by sci-fi illustrator Josè Pardo.

The Bird People
Rayk helps Pete Snell lead a group to find the long-list Bird People of Eejee. What will happen to Rayk and his friends when they get there?

The Evil Plot
Rayk hopes to win the air-cycle races again this year. His friend Jan comes along, but why is the army leader from Vork there, too? It’s lucky that Rayk has such a fast space ship!

The Thought Lab
Jan and Rayk get lost in the desert on Gleez. Then a rock slide blocks their way. And then troops catch them and bring them to the Thought Lab. But what does the leader of the Thought Lab want from Rayk?

Space Pirates
Consul Clay wants Jan to get her pilot permit, but Rayk does not want to be her teacher. Then they are caught by space pirates! Now the two of them will have to work with each other to get free.

Trouble at the Space Station
The com-link buzzes. It’s bad news, but Jan wants to handle it herself. Her father sends Rayk along, and the two try to find out what is going on at the space station and where Commander Smith has gone.


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Reading Level 2 - Interest Level 6-12


Reading Level 2 


• Most Lexiles in the 300 to 400 range
• Stars shown on the back cover of each book indicate the reading level 
• Repetition of second-grade sight words
• 3,500 to 4,000 words per book
• 15 lines per page
• Type size is standard (like a 'typical' book)
• More complex stories and some use of figurative language


Subject/Genre: Science Fiction

DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: 346 | DRP: 42 | AR Quizzes

Recommended Ages: 11-18+

Pages: 48 pp., 5" x 7", 12 pt. type, softcover


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