Phonics First Layer Four Stories

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Phonics First Layer Four Stories

Students continue to apply phonics skills as they read these reproducible Phonics First one-page stories.

These 23 skill-controlled stories use previously-learned skills while emphasizing one of these new skills:

  • soft-c/soft-g
  • ar
  • or
  • y endings (by, dy, fy, etc.)
  • ou
  • ow
  • oi
  • oy
  • igh
  • au
  • aw
  • -ed
  • oo
  • ea (/ĕ/)
  • ow (/ō/)
  • -ic
  • eigh
  • tion/sion

The skill and sight word sequence complements Phonics First  Layer Four or can be used with any reading/intervention program.

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Grades 1-3

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