Phonics PLUS Starter Set B (1 each of 10 titles)

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Phonics PLUS Starter Set B (1 each of 10 titles)

1 each of all 10 titles in Set B.

Decodable Readers give children a chance to read narrative and expository books and to practice and reinforce their newly acquired phonics and sight word skills in context. Reading these books gives students a chance to enjoy reading at a skills-appropriate level and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

  • 10 readers
  • Individually authored and richly illustrated
  • Reinforcement and review of concepts
  • Practice with comprehension and sight words


Scope and Sequence:

  • CV words
  • Schwa
  • Multisyllabic words
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes

Titles Include:

Pen Pals: Discover what Fran learns when writing to her pen pal. 16 pages.

The Bog: Various types of plants, animals and insects that thrive in bogs are shown. 16 pages.

Quit It, Frank!: Read along to see how Lara gets her pet guinea pig into bed! 16 pages.

Fossil Fun: Explore fossils and how they are discovered. 16 pages.

Pennies: Learn many creative games that can be played with pennies! 16 pages.

Climb Aboard!: Learn about different types of trains and follow their travels! 16 pages.

Uncle Paul‘s Cane: Find out what noises Laurie heard in the night. 16 pages.

Big Dreams: Dream big along with John and his brother and see how they spend the money they've saved! 16 pages.

Grizzlies: Learn about bears and how they travel though the seasons. 16 pages.

A Year in Five Days: The four seasons are studied in five school days. 16 pages.

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