Phonics PLUS Starter Set K (1 each of 10 titles)

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Phonics PLUS Starter Set K (1 each of 10 titles)

Scope and Sequence:

  • Initial consonant sounds
  • Initial short vowel sounds
  • Initial consonant digraphs
  • Word families -at, -ip, -ug, -op, -en

Includes 1 each of all 10 Set K books.


Titles include:

Alphabet Song & Dance:  Learn the alphabet through a variety of colorful characters. 8 pages.

Letters Have Fun: Learning consonants is fun with this colorful cast of characters! 8 pages.

The Egg: What happens when the Ant and the Octopus both want to eat the same egg? 8 pages.

Ant's Mitten: Watch what happens when “Ant” invites curious creatures to visit his mitten house. 8 pages.

Rat on the Mat: The Rat wakes up to a surprise underneath him! 8 pages.

Pip and the Snow Cat: A dog named Pip gets playful with a cat made out of snow! 8 pages.

The Bug and I: A little boy and his cat chase a bug from their living room. 8 pages.

Pop and the Bug: Pop chases a bug out of the house. 8 pages.

Hop for Soup: Soup becomes a meal for many! 8 pages.

The Music Shop Bop: See the hilarious dance steps kids come up with in the music shop! 8 pages.

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