Phonics Readers-Long Vowel

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Phonics Readers-Long Vowel

Illustrated readers reinforce 10 different vowel sounds. 

  • Includes 10 different readers that reinforce key phonics concepts in the context of age-appropriate stories
  • Features colorful illustrations that provide important picture cues and keep students engaged
  • Highlights new words and sight words on the last page of each reader
  • Readers contain 8 pages each

Focus on a separate short vowel sound with each illustrated reader:

  • Book 1-James and the Good Day
  • Book 2-Jane and Babe
  • Book 3-What Will the Seal Eat?
  • Book 4-Lee and the Team
  • Book 5-Kite Day at Pine Lake
  • Book 6-Di and the Mice
  • Book 7-Bo and Rose
  • Book 8-Is Jo Home?
  • Book 9-Rube and the Tube
  • Book 10-Stu's Tune

Each set includes 1 each of 10 titles.

Grades K-1
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