Problem Solvers Biographies Set

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Problem Solvers Biographies Set

For ages 11-18+, Grade 2 Reading Level

The lives of five courageous and dedicated men and women who gave the world printing, braille, adequate hospital care, and much, much more.

Johannes Gutenberg
How long would it have been before printing became a reality without Gutenbergs determination?

Louis Braille
How many visually challenged would have gone uneducated if Louis Braille had not dedicated his life to their needs?

George Washington Carver
How long might it have taken the South to rise from the ashes of the Civil War without the benefit of George Washington Carvers nimble brain?

Florence Nightengale
What about Florence Nightengales unparalleled contribution to medical care, both civil and military, in her own country and abroad?

The Wright Brothers
Although their contribution to modern life is now fully appreciated, students will enjoy learning about the Wright brothers early struggles.

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