Reading Comprehension 6

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Reading Comprehension 6

Reading Comprehension Book 6 includes 31 selections in the following 7 subject areas.

A sample passage title is given for each subject area:

Social Studies— - Our Basic American Right
Science— - The Biggest River
Philosophy, Logic, and Language— - The Power of Words
Combined Subjects - —Communication Through the Arts
Math - —Mathematics in Art
Literature— - Desert Treasure
The Arts— - The Art of Ancient Egypt

In each lesson, the presentation of the passage consistently follows the same 7-step format:

  • About the Passage —introduces the selection to the reader and activates prior knowledge
  • Reason for Reading —explains the reading skill emphasized
  • The Selection —thematically organized selections across subject matter.
  • Thinking it Over— lists two to three broad questions to be answered in writing
  • Studying the Passage —asks questions about the main idea, facts, and sequence, and asks students to draw conclusions, make assumptions, and interpret.
  • Using the Words —encourages students to use new vocabulary words in a paragraph
  • Writing about It— has students answer questions about the contents of the selection and offer their interpretation or opinion

Skills Addressed:

  • Story recall
  • Sequencing
  • Identifying facts
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Vocabulary development
  • Main idea
  • Extending thoughts in writing
  • Inference

Grades 8-–9

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