S.W.E.L.L. Teacher's Manual with CD

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SWELL: Sight Words Easily Learned by Letters

This teacher's and parent's manual contains strategy sheets which will assist students to develop mastery of reading and spelling of "red" (sight) words. Strategy sheets are based on mnemonics which relate the meaning of the word to its spelling.

There are two word lists, totaling 183 words, for reading practice and assessment purposes. A strategy sheet is available for each word listed. These sheets include a clip art visual, the mnemonic, and sentences for reading practice. They are printed in color in reduced size, 4 to a page, but are clearly visible and can be printed out in full size pages for student use from the CD included with the manual. Suggested uses, ideas for reinforcing games with simple game boards, and the word lists can be printed out; as well as the complete text of the manual.

So, if you're seeking ideas to teach and reinforce sight words, try SWELL!
Teacher's Manual with CD


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