Sound Out B-3

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Sound Out B-3

Your struggling readers now have even more chapter books to choose from. Six more titles are included in Set B-3 that focus on the same phonics skills found in Set B-2: short vowels and long vowels. Students with minimal reading skills who want to get their hands on age-appropriate chapter books now have a wide range of stories to choose from.

 Set B-3, like Set B-2, includes six books, three of which focus on short vowels and three that focus on long vowels. Students with minimal reading skills can read these books from cover-to-cover. They'll have a successful and enjoyable reading experience with lots of decoding practice.

Titles include: Lost in the Dunes, Reef Dive, Tree Walk, Up on the Peaks, Chase the Wind, On the Ice

Each book is 5 x 7, 32 pp.

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