Sound Out – X Sports Classroom Set

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Sound Out – X Sports Classroom Set

Readability Level: 1st Grade Readability

Recommended Ages: 7 - 14+

DRP Lexile Rating: DRP Level: 45

For reluctant readers who have enjoyed previous Sound Out Chapter Book sets, here is something new and different at the C Level. Each phonics-based chapter book in the X Sports Sound Out series gives a fun and interesting look at an extreme sport, from inline skates to river rafting. Students have a chance to read engaging informational text while the controlled vocabulary helps them practice phonics and basic word-building skills.

Titles include:

  • BMX Bikes
  • Raft
  • Inline Skates
  • Sky Dive
  • Rock Climb
  • Wind Surf

Classroom Set Includes: 5 sets of Sound Out - X Sports

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