Touchphonics Teacher's Guide and Resource Book

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Touchphonics Teacher's Guide and Resource Book

The Teacher's Guide and Resource Book provides direct, systematic instruction in an easy-to-use format that will facilitate teacher planning.  Fifty nine lessons introduce and review phonemes in a detailed, eleven-step format that incorporates phonemic awareness; linking sounds to letters; blending sounds; building and manipulating words; transcribing words; and a decodable reader with prereading and comprehension activities.

Other resources include:

  • prereading exercises and a review of consonant letters for students who require additional support when beginning the program
  • additional phonological awareness activities in the appendix
  • patterned word lists for extending lessons or creating additional activities, games, and drills
  • Assessment tools which include Consonant Inventory; Decoding and Encoding Diagnostic Inventory; reproducible summary and score sheets; and running record guidelines


Provides explicit, systematic, and engaging phonics instruction
Especially effective for at-risk readers and students with language-based learning disabilities
Efficient, effective materials conserve instructional time and maximize learning
Combines synthetic phonics instruction with structural, analytic phonics and word building
Incorporates visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile modalities (VAKT)

Touchphonics provides at-risk students with a multisensory approach to phonics, word structure, and spelling. Students use Touch-Units® to link sounds to letters, recognize patterns, and build and write words before finally reading words in context. 

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