Come Back Cursive!

Posted by Autumn Templeton on 9th Jan 2020

In many school districts nationwide, cursive handwriting is making a comeback, and rightfully so. There are many reasons to encourage cursive penmanship with your students. Cursive writing, when compa … read more

Foster a Lifelong Love of Reading

Posted by Brainspring on 13th Nov 2019

This week is National Young Readers Week! I myself am looking forward to celebrating National Middle Age Readers Week, but I digress. Though reading is important at any age, reading at a young age … read more

Brainspring Success Story: Trevor

Posted by Brainspring on 25th Jul 2019

Not all students become fluent in reading and spelling effortlessly. Many children struggle from a young age and require a different approach than their non-struggling peers. According to the National … read more
Brainspring Success Story: Emery

Brainspring Success Story: Emery

Posted by Brainspring on 26th Feb 2019

Not all students learn to read the same. Many students need to learn to read using a different approach than what may be provided at school. The majority of states across the US have dyslexia laws in … read more
Recess! Let’s Go Outside!

Recess! Let’s Go Outside!

Posted by Loraine Hodgson on 20th Jun 2018

June’s blog topic focuses on the importance of recess and student achievement. Our next article explains some of the research and findings on why physical activity is recommended for setting stu … read more