Phonics First® Level II E-Learning

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Phonics First® Level II E-Learning

Level II Orton-Gillingham Course Content designed for:

K-12 General Education; Resource/Special Education who have taken EITHER Phonics First or Structures

This rigorous course emphasizes instruction of struggling readers at all grade-levels and is critical for teachers working with the learning/language disabled and dyslexic students

Level II is required for those pursuing certification.

Participants gain expertise in:
• Instruction of skills taught in Phonics First®/Structures Level I
• Customizing lessons for the dyslexic and learning/language-disabled student at all grade-levels
• Advanced concepts of decoding and encoding

Participants learn to customize instruction in:
• Basic phonics through advanced morphology
• Syllabication/multisyllable word attack strategies
• The Reciprocal Teaching process
• Multisensory comprehension
• Multisensory syntax (grammar)

Additional benefits:
• Guidance with lesson planning and classroom implementation
• Opportunities for hands-on lesson practice
• Emphasis on teaching reading to struggling and dyslexic/learning disabled readers using Orton-Gillingham methodology

Upon completion, participants will:
• Be prepared to teach Phonics First® and Structures to K-12 dyslexic/learning disabled students

Prerequisite: Completion of Phonics First® Level I three months or more prior to enrolling in Level II. Current teaching experience with Phonics First® is strongly recommended.

Course Hours: 16.25

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