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Phonics First® Primary- Wait List

Phonics First® Primary Orton-Gillingham Course Content designed for: K-1 General Education; K-2 Intervention, Resource, Special Education

This course covers the same content as the first 18 hours of the Level I Course. It qualifies primary teachers to bring beginning-level Orton-Gillingham multisensory instruction to their classrooms. Phonics First® transforms beginning, struggling, dyslexic/LD readers into skilled learners through our effective, fun, multisensory approach to reading and spelling. Phonics First® Primary encompasses the first 18 hours of the complete Level I course.

Participants learn to teach:
• Alphabet and phonological awareness strategies
• Basic phonetic concepts for decoding and encoding
• A Three-Part Drill for structured review
• Tactile/kinesthetic spelling techniques for phonetic and non-phonetic words
• Oral reading/connected text fluency
• Introductory Syllabication for multisyllabic words

Additional benefits:
• Guidance with lesson planning and classroom implementation
• Opportunities for hands-on lesson practice with other participants
• Emphasis on teaching reading to beginning, struggling, and dyslexic/LD readers using Orton-Gillingham methodology

Upon completion, participants will:
• Receive a document of completion
• Be prepared to teach Phonics First® to K-2 students
• Be eligible for the Phonics First® Level I Completion Course

Prerequisite: None
Course Hours: 18

To complete the remaining 12 hours of Level I, enroll in the Phonics First® Level I Completion course. Contact Brainspring for details: 800-732-3211

Personalized Distance Coaching

To address questions that occur as teachers begin implementing Phonics First®, a personalized consultation session provides effective support based on each teacher’s unique needs.

  • The teacher records and uploads a 20- to 30-minute video of a lesson being taught to students.
  • The Phonics First® Coach views the video and schedules a 20- to 30-minute phone consultation to provide guidance, feedback and support and to answer questions for the teacher.

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