Ongoing Support

Expand your knowledge of multisensory instruction after completion of Brainspring Orton-Gillingham training for teachers. Access information, download resource materials and schedule job-embedded coaching and support for continued development.

  • In-Class Coaching

    Brainspring instructors come to your classroom to guide and support you in delivering Phonics First® and Structures lessons.

    Coaching benefits:
    • Refresh instructional strategies learned during the Orton-Gillingham training for teachers
    • Learn ways to individualize components for all students through coaching from a Brainspring team member
    • Receive guidance for incorporating Brainspring curriculum into your schedule
    • Gain confidence delivering the curriculum with Brainspring provided Orton-Gillingham resources
    • Facilitate discussion between teachers and administrators

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  • Educator Academy Blog

    Don't miss your weekly Multisensory Monday activities as well as thought-provoking discussions and observations about teaching and learning with Phonics First® and Structures.

  • Brainspring Bookstore

    Access a variety of teaching tools — from teacher resources to student readers, assessments and manipulatives. Our resources equip those who have taken our Orton-Gillingham training for teachers with the knowledge and expertise needed to transform struggling students into skilled readers, ultimately making learning fun and exciting.

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  • Members Area

    All Brainspring trained teachers receive a free-access pass to our Members Area with a wide array of Orton-Gillingham resources. Here you can download course documents, lesson resources, student materials, multisensory activities, and more. Check back often, we update with new material regularly.

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