Thank you for considering a Brainspring franchising opportunity

We believe a Brainspring franchise offers an excellent opportunity for those who are passionate about education and making a difference in students’ lives.

At the core of the Brainspring model is specialized remedial training, primarily for children with dyslexia. Our centers provide dedicated educational and tutoring services, keeping in mind the importance of one-on-one tailoring to meet each student’s needs.

The Brainspring experience teaches students to become independent learners, allowing them to absorb what they learn with us and then apply it in their daily lives at school.

Headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, there are presently eight learning centers throughout Michigan as part of the Brainspring program. The growth potential for Brainspring franchises is significant based on our strong referral base and proprietary marketing strategies; as such we are now looking to expand with new franchises within a 100 mile radius of our Ann Arbor training center.

We have prepared this website so you can learn more about the Brainspring opportunity. If the idea of becoming the owner of a Brainspring franchise is appealing to you, why don’t you fill out the Preliminary Information Sheet and return it to us? If it appears as though we would be a good “fit” together, we will call to schedule a meeting.

We appreciate your interest in our Brainspring franchise and look forward to hearing from you soon. Should you have any questions regarding this franchise opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brigitte Crawford
Vice President

About the Founder

The Brainspring program was founded by Evelyn Peter as a result of her commitment to strengthening student and teacher skills in the area of reading.

As a child who moved from her homeland of Austria to the United States, Evelyn experienced first-hand the frustrations of not easily learning to read. Although she spoke and read German and Hungarian with ease, learning the English language proved difficult…so much so that her mother began to worry. Fortunately, a family friend sensed that the issue had to do with phonics and volunteered to help. She took Evelyn to the grocery store and showed her how to sound out words, using Campbell soup labels for practice. Things began to improve for Evelyn – in fact, she soon ranked in the highest reading group in her school – but the experience left her with a strong sense of the frustration children feel when they struggle with learning to read.

And so, the Brainspring program was incorporated in 1993, a venture Evelyn began with Laurie Wagner, who remains as a trainer today. Evelyn retired in 2008, leaving the reins of the company to her daughter Brigitte Crawford.

Presently, the Brainspring experience is benefiting children in eight locations in Michigan. Based upon their success, Crawford is now offering the Brainspring franchise opportunity to qualified individuals within Michigan.

Guiding the future the Brainspring Way

Winner of the Metro Detroit Best of Tutoring in 2014, the Brainspring approach is centered on our proprietary Phonics First® program, an accredited Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) reading program that ensures mastery of reading concepts learned in kindergarten through 5th grade. This program reviews basic phonics instruction in a more sophisticated manner and also includes instruction in Greek and Latin roots which are present in 65% of words in reading material above a 6th grade level.

The Brainspring opportunity also allows franchisors to offer math tutoring services, study skills and test taking tutoring services, time management skills, organizational skills and study methods that enable students to study and complete tests more efficiently.

The Brainspring business model is comprised of roughly 45% from individualized tutoring students in grades K to 12, student reading mechanisms and our proprietary curriculum. In addition, we offer home schooling, homework support, math, science and ACT testing.

The Brainspring work primarily with ADD, ADHD students and those with learning disabilities, including dyslexia – all work is done one on one.

Another 45% of Brainsprings business comes from teacher training; presently we have seven trainers who train teachers on how to use the program.

The final 10% of business is online related; here is where we sell our own materials to organizations that share the same philosophies and beliefs as we do.

The basis of a Brainspring franchise model is the facilitation of tutoring centers where students are tutored individually. Each franchisee will have their own territory in which to operate. We will train our franchisees to become certified trainers, a process that takes about a year.

Isn’t it time you acquire a little more knowledge about becoming a Brainspring franchisee?

The Ideal Brainspring Franchisee

Have you always thought about owning and operating a business of your own? Are you an educator who wants to put that valuable training to use as the owner of a franchise? Do you and/or a spouse have the financial backing to build a school that will educate children for years to come? Do you have experience in the child care industry and yearn to make a larger impact in the education and lives of children? Brainspring franchise prospects may include an energetic individual or a team seeking to combine their experiences and talents. There are a number of people who could be ideal franchisees. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals looking to become part of a much desired and consistently growing industry – the education and development of our children.

Our ideal Brainspring franchisee is someone who:

  • Is passionate about education and making a difference in students’ lives
  • Is willing to think outside the box and teach students by incorporating innovative methods
  • May have a degree in either education or other course of study
  • Has good time management skills
  • Has a positive attitude and desire to help children become all they can be
  • May have business or entrepreneurial experience
  • Is hard-working
  • Enjoys working with children
  • Is devoted to a service-oriented profession

Franchising and how it Works

One question potential franchisees sometimes ask is, “Why should I buy a franchise? Why can’t I just go out and start my own business?” Certainly, some people do enter the business world in that manner. So, what is the real value of purchasing a franchise rather than “going it alone”?

On your own, you might well experience a large “learning curve.” What are the right types of publications to advertise in? What types of promotions provide the best return? Are there collateral materials, like pamphlets, that I should consider? Without the professional training, business experience, or connections it takes to succeed, it is difficult to get off the ground. Many small business owners begin by hiring outside individuals with experience just for advice. Let’s face it. Opening your own business independently takes time and money.

That isn’t to say that franchising doesn’t require time and money, also. However, as a franchisee, you enjoy a number of advantages that a stand-alone, independent start-up does not. You begin with the accumulated experience, know-how, business practices and operating plan that come with a franchise.

As a franchisee, you enjoy name-brand recognition and a network of support provides an immediate and distinct competitive edge over the independent, stand-alone business. You can avoid that costly trial-and-error period that causes so many problems for start-up businesses. As a franchisee, you’ll “hit the ground running.” The Brainspring opportunity gives you the ready-made framework within which to build a successful business.

Call today for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need business experience to run a Brainspring franchise?
Prior educational or business experience is helpful in running a Brainspring franchise, but not necessary as we provide business and training aspects. As part of the franchise, we will provide a Center Director development training program designed for your Center Director to gain expertise in our mandatory instruction methods and services. The training is also designed to allow the Center Director to obtain the credentials required in order for the Center Director to train instructors, teachers, tutors and other individuals in our instruction methods and services.

Where should I locate my business?
The ideal location for a Brainspring is in a building that would be classified as mid-to-upscale real estate. The location should have the capability of a private tutoring room, and should be located within 100 miles of our corporate offices in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Grosse Point, Lake Orion, Plymouth, Shelby Township, Waterford or West Bloomfield. Franchisees are required to have two to three weeks of initial training at one of our Brainspring locations.

How is a Brainspring franchise different from other business opportunities?
The very heart of the Brainspring philosophy is valuing children as our most precious resource. The Brainspring concept offers systematic, structured sequential, cumulative and multisensory specialized tutoring services in a variety of subjects provided one-on-one with students. The Brainspring opportunity requires a commitment to children and their learning experience and their future.

The Brainspring concept combines tried and true methods of teaching with unique cutting-edge approaches to education.

What do I do next?
Please take a few minutes, fill out the Preliminary Information Sheet and send it to us. We will review it and, if you meet our criteria, call you to schedule a meeting.

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