Reading comprehension is the springboard to successful reading. Students can often miss this crucial link between decoding and fluency, thus lacking a key strategic learning tool. The High Noon Reading Comprehension program gives your students the extra comprehension skill practice they need to achieve mastery in reading.

This program includes high-interest passages appropriate for students reading below grade level. At every level, each of six units focuses on a specific comprehension skill. Within each unit, students have the opportunity to read numerous passages that increase in length from lesson to lesson. Books are nonconsumable - each book can be used over and over again because students respond on a reproducible answer sheet.

Comprehension skills covered in each book:

  • Identifying the Sequence
  • Identifying Details
  • Understanding the Main Idea
  • Using Context
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Making Inferences

Reading Levels Level A: Grade 1

Level B: Grade 2

Level C: Grade 3

Level D: Grade 4


80 pages ea. 8.5x11 format

Sample PDF