Multisensory Monday: Hopscotch Word Reading

Posted by Brainspring on 26th May 2019

Movement! Some of our students just need to get up, move around, and let out some energy. Why not practice some word reading featuring tricky sounds while getting active!?

The hopscotch mat showcased below is a beautiful rug (discovered at one of our Learning Centers), however, this can be re-created with cardstock and some duck tape. Just write out the numbers with a marker on thicker paper, laminate, and duck tape to the floor.

Make it Multisensory

  • Identify a difficult skill/sound that students require more practice with. Vowels or consonants of any complexity in the initial, medial or final position of a word will work.
  • Write/type words on cards excluding the problematic target sound you want them to practice reading and saying.
  • Give your student a card with the problematic sound – for example, if the student needs to practice reading words with letter r, give the student a card with r written on it.
  • Have a bean bag ready for each student to toss.

Let’s Play Word Reading Hopscotch!

Each student takes the bean bag and throws it to a square on the hopscotch mat. They will hop to the word card their bean bag landed on, and say the entire word, with the addition of their sound in their hands. Collect the word card after it is read, and continue with the game until all word cards are read.

To up the challenge, ask students to provide a rhyming word to the word they read off the mat, or, create a sentence with the word. You can even ask for a specific sentence type, such as

  • Statement/Declarative Sentence
  • Question/Interrogative Sentence
  • Exclamation/Exclamatory Sentence
  • Command / Imperative Sentence

Get creative! This is an activity that provides lots of opportunity for practice.



Written by Brainspring

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