Set 3A

Set 3B

Open Single Syllables (so, he, fly)

The Big Catch

Blake’s Flying Class

Closed Syllable Exceptions (ild, old, ind, ost, oll)

The Bold Robins

The Fish Pond

ay (spray)

The Rays of the Sun


Suffix -ed (melted, smelled, winked)

A Day of Play at Black Cove

All Is Well

Suffixes -s, -es, -ing, -er, -est, -e, -ish, -ly, -y, -ful, -ness, -less

No Time to Ride

The Wishing Lamp

Twin-Consonant Syllable Division

Helpful Pals

Who Plays Tricks?

Twin-Consonant Syllable Division

The Best

My Clothes Do Not Fit

Nontwin-Consonant Syllable Division

A Play

Sunset Magnet

Nontwin-Consonant Syllable Division

The Humpback Whale

Big Hippos, Small Hippos

ou (mound, cousin, doughnut, you), Prefix a- (alike)

A Big Problem

Ned’s Pout