Phonological Awareness and Beginning Phonics Program

Grades Pre K –1

The Sounds Sensible® kit offers structured, sequential, hands-on instruction to develop phonological awareness and beginning phonics skills. Its Orton-Gillingham philosophy makes Sounds Sensible® uniquely effective as part of an intervention, prevention or inclusion reading program.

Program Materials

The Sounds Sensible® kit includes:

  • A Teacher’s Manual providing structured lessons and direct instruction
  • Blackline Masters containing games, cards, handwriting masters, Key Word Concept Sheets, Sound Contrast Sheets and Sound Tap Sheets
  • Interactive games and over 800 picture-letter cards that ensure retention and make learning fun

Skills Addressed

  • Listening (sound discrimination and categorization)
  • Rhyming (matching, generating, categorizing, and onset and rime)
  • Segmentation and deletion (sentence, syllable and phoneme)
  • Letter formation (manuscript)
  • Sound-symbol relationships (consonants and short vowel a)
  • Dictation (phonemes and words)
  • Simultaneous oral spelling