Phonics First® Level I Completion - Livestream

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For those who have taken Phonics First® Primary and want to complete the entire Phonics First®Level I course, this livestream course continues where the Primary course left off. This course extends the previous content to meet the needs of struggling readers in grades 2-5. Course content includes higher-level phonics skills for decoding and encoding, additional spelling rules and higher-level syllabication strategies. Emphasis is on teaching reading to struggling and learning disabled/dyslexic readers in upper elementary grades.

Prerequisite:Phonics First®Primary
Appropriate Audience: K-3 classroom teachers, K-5 intervention, resource, special education teachers, curriculum directors, tutors
Course Materials: Same as in Primary
Course Length: 12 hours


  • February 17-18, 2022  (11:30 am -6:30 pm EST)
  • Course registration is subject to availability.

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