Structures Documents

Important Curriculum Update Information

In May, 2020, Brainspring released a new edition of Structures. The majority of the content is the same as the previous edition. Changes include:

  • Divisions of lessons into five Blocks
  • Addition of 12 new morphemes and Shape Shifter Prefixes (aka chameleon prefixes)
  • Updated page layout
  • Expanded teaching instructions

All Members Area Documents related to the PREVIOUS EDITION are located here.
NOTE: Many of the new documents associated with the 2020 edition are useful to those who have the previous editions of Structures. This page also includes a Sounds Index useful for both editions. (Please EXPLORE these new documents as well!)


All Members Area Documents related to the NEW 2020 EDITION are located below.

Sounds Index

Access Sounds here.

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Block Documents

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5


Classroom Scope and Sequences - GENERAL EDUCATION

Year One (Grade 4)
Year Two (Grade 5)