Phonological Awareness: Preparing Early Readers Self-Paced Workshop

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Phonological Awareness: Preparing Early Readers Self-Paced  Workshop

Phonological Awareness: Preparing Early Readers E-Learning Training
Kindergarten through 1st Grade general education
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade special education, intervention, resource

Research demonstrates a direct correlation between a child developing strong phonological awareness skills and becoming a highly-skilled reader.

Emphasis on phonological awareness instruction in Kindergarten and early 1st Grade gives each student the opportunity to meet the skill demands of beginning reading.

Participants learn:
• Background knowledge required for early reading development
• Progressing levels of instruction critical for developing successful readers
• Targeted and purposeful activities to teach critical foundational skills

Upon completion, participants will:
• Be prepared to teach Phonological Awareness to beginning and struggling readers in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Prerequisite: None
E-Learning Course Hours: 2
Contact us to discuss your state requirements for dyslexia and other literacy initiatives.

Materials Included:
Phonemic Awareness Book
Phonemic Awareness in Young Children: A Classroom Curriculum

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