Structures Level I Wait List

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Structures Level I Wait List

Structures Orton-Gillingham Training course content designed for:
Grades 6th through 12th* resource, special education
*Appropriate for students in grades 6th through 12th with dyslexia and learning disabilities whose reading skills range from grades 1st and up.

This comprehensive and highly intensive multisensory training course qualifies teachers to bring Orton-Gillingham multisensory instruction to their intervention and remedial classroom. Structures transforms dyslexic and learning disabled students into skilled learners through its effective, interactive, multisensory approach to reading and spelling.

Participants learn to teach:
• Anglo-Saxon word study of basic to advanced phonetic concepts
• Morphological study of Greek and Latin roots and affixes
• A Three-Part Drill for structured review
• Tactile/kinesthetic spelling techniques for phonetic and non-phonetic words
• Syllabication for multisyllabic words (8 Syllable Types/3 Syllable Patterns)
• Higher-level spelling skills
• Vocabulary development
• Fluency-building strategies
• Introductory comprehension techniques

Additional benefits:
• Guidance for lesson plans and classroom implementation
• Opportunities for hands-on lesson practice with other participants
• Emphasis on teaching reading to struggling, dyslexic and learning disabled students using Orton-Gillingham methodology
• Complimentary Brainspring Members Area Access: reproducible lesson resources and activities

Upon completion, participants will:
• Receive a document of completion
• Be prepared to teach Structures to remedial students in grades 6th through 12th
• Be eligible for Level II and to apply for Brainspring’s nationally recognized certification program
• Be eligible to purchase 2 Graduate Credits (Ashland University)

Prerequisite: None
Course Hours: 30

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