Using the Phonics First® Assessment

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Using the Phonics First® Assessment

Our Master Instructor shares best practices on how to utilize Brainspring's criterion-referenced Phonics First® Diagnostic Assessment. This highly effective tool is used to evaluate students' decoding and encoding skills. Learn to administer the assessment to students and utilize the results to assist in detecting word-level weaknesses, determining instructional groups and planning targeted/intensive instruction for both Phonics First®Orton-Gillingham and other phonics programs. (This assessment may also be used as a supplement to other progress monitoring tools).

Assessment uses A and B versions which assess skills in:

  • Alphabet
  • Basic sounds
  • Word coding for phonetic/non-phonetic words
  • Word coding for pseudowords
  • Multisyllable word attack
Who: K-3 classroom teachers, K-12 intervention, resource, special education teachers
Where: Anywhere via an internet connection
Instructor: Certified Phonics First®Instructor
Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: $100 (includes Phonics First® Diagnostic Assessment of Decoding and Encoding containing the following: Assessment Administration Guide, Reproducible Student Response Forms, Reproducible Scoring Forms, Assessment Word Cards, Quick-Reference Scoring Guide)

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