A Comprehensive Program for Beginning and Reluctant Writers (2nd Edition)

From elementary school through college, expository writing – that which explains – is the single most important kind of academic writing. While creative writing has its place in a curriculum, it will not give students the skills to write a research paper or answer an essay test question. That is why this program is key to developing essential writing skills.

The Writing Skills program effectively helps educators teach essential skills in careful order: from parts of speech, to sentence structure, to paragraphs, to complete essays.

For the reluctant, at-risk, and beginning writer, this series provides the essential foundation in thinking and writing skills. For the proficient and advanced writer, it offers opportunities, strategies, and techniques to apply them.

 Skills Addressed

Prewriting and organizing strategies
Choosing forms and genres
Establishing audience and purpose
Achieving sentence variety
Writing a paragraph

Writing an essay

Editing and revising
Working with groups
Grammar rules for writing
Handwriting, spelling, and keyboarding

 Grades 2-12

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