Why Brainspring Academy

The Brainspring Educator Academy provides successful continuing education opportunities for teachers with Orton-Gillingham multisensory instruction programs for the classroom. Our nationally accredited Phonics First® and Structures curricula help transform struggling readers into skilled learners with an effective, fun, multisensory approach.

Why Brainspring?


For nearly 25 years, Brainspring has facilitated professional development in Orton-Gillingham based multisensory instruction. Today, our Educator Academy team continues to empower teachers nationwide—increasing knowledge, expertise and ultimately success.

Nationally Accredited

Our IMSLEC and IDA accreditation means educators become certified in a nationally recognized program—receiving the highest level of professional development in multisensory structured language.

Designed with teachers in mind

From our custom lesson plans to our ability to teach in your district or via E-Learning delivered to your home, we make Professional Development easy to access and simple to process. Our team is ready to help with ongoing classroom coaching, supporting educators along the way and helping them effectively put their plans into action. Our program can also be modified to meet a district’s needs, whether it’s implemented whole class, within small groups or in one-on-one settings.


Our scope of services and resources is unmatched in the industry. We deliver ongoing education through a variety of resources—from workshops, refresher courses and in-classroom coaching to video demonstrations and a blog. Educators also have access to a wide variety of educational products. Our book store provides multisensory tools, time-tested and teacher approved.

We make learning fun

When it comes to reading, children need to enjoy the process and need confidence to be successful learners. Rather than sitting and listening in a worksheet-based program, they’re engaged in an interactive approach that is proven and, best of all—fun!

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