Below is a collection of helpful resources to further educate you on our Phonics First curriculum and how it relates to broader educational standards.

Phonics First Orton-Gillingham Courses Accredited by IDA and IMSLEC

RLAC’s Phonics First® curriculum adheres to new Common Core State Standards and meets Learning Forward’s (formerly National Staff & Professional Development Council) standards for professional development. Our Phonics First® programs are accredited through both the IDA (International Dyslexia Association) under their Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading and through IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council) at the Teaching Level and Instructor of Teaching Levels.

IDA Accreditation IMSLEC Accreditation

Resources For the Struggling Reader

When a child struggles to read, parents are often unsure where to begin looking for help. Whether your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or not, this packet will help parents find the best reading resources available. Click here to view the packet

Phonics First® Professional Development is aligned with Ohio HB 157 requirements for Dyslexia Specialists

Meeting the standards of the Ohio Dyslexia Legislation Phonics First® Professional Development is consistent with the Level II IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards. These standards are necessary requirements for fulfilling the role of an Ohio Dyslexia Specialist.

Ohio Dyslexia Legislation Knowledge and Practice Standards set forth by the IDA

Common Core Standards: How Phonics First® aligns.

Phonics First® Professional Development courses, workshops and on-site implementation coaching support the research-based elements of effective literacy instruction as defined by the National Reading Panel:

Phonemic Awareness Phonics Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension Writing Instruction

Phonics First® corresponds to the English Language Arts focus areas in the Common Core State Standards for all grade levels, as follows:

Reading: Foundational Skills (Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency) Language (Vocabulary) Reading: Literature (Comprehension) Reading: Informational Text (Comprehension) Writing (Writing Instruction)

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