Angling for Words Study Book

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Angling for Words Study Book

The Angling for Words Study Book is for students in grade 4 and up, breaks down language/learning into seven basic levels:

  1. Short Vowels and Consonants
  2. Vowel-Consonant-e
  3. R-Controlled Vowels and G(j) Consonant Digraphs
  4. VCV Syllable Division
  5. Vowel Digraphs
  6. Special Syllables and Situations
  7. Spelling Rules

At each level the student is given basic concepts as a starter, and then lists of new words that show these principles in operation, in both sense and nonsense words.

The program has been used with individual students and in small classes of elementary through high school grades. By over-learning the reliable principles of reading and spelling, the student eventually begins to substitute reasoning for guessing.

Grades 4-12

The Teachers Line gives the essential background and directions for using the Angling for Words program for teachers who have not had a thorough training in a multisensory, structured and sequential approach to language. It includes specific objectives for each level, evaluation tests, special techniques, and a page-by-page sequence for integrating the Study Book, Workbook and Phono Cards into a unified program. An answer key to the Workbook is included as well as a phonetic survey and lesson plans.

This book is now available as a FREE printable PDF.  Click here to download The Teacher's Line.

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