Language Tool Kit-Advanced

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The Language Tool Kit teaches reading and spelling to students with specific language disability. Based on Orton-Gillingham principles, it is designed for use by a teacher or a parent. This set contains cards (4" x 6") in a white cardboard box along with the 32 page manual. One group of cards has spelling units printed in large type on one side, with the common and rarer sound equivalents on the reverse side in small type. Key words and spelling patterns are also listed. The salmon-colored cards are for the teacher’s reference, and the yellow cards are for extra practice with consonant blends.

Based on the same principles as the elementary version, the Advanced Language Tool Kit provides an overview of the structure, organization, and sound units that are needed to develop skills for advanced reading and spelling. The kit contains a teacher’s manual and 3 packs of cards, with features similar to the cards in the Language Tool Kit.

The Advanced Language Tool Kit can be used by parents, teachers, and tutors who are unfamiliar with either specific language disability and/or the Orton-Gillingham techniques, and is appropriate for use with students of any age who are reading at approximately sixth-grade level.


Grades 6 and up