Primary Phonics Workbook 1

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Workbook 1 reviews the 17 consonants covered in the Consonant Book and then introduces short vowels in two- and three-letter words. Using a patterned  series of exercises, it also introduces the sight words is, a, the, on, in, yes, no, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. Exercises involve simple yes or no  questions, coloring, copying words below illustrations, filling in missing words  in short sentences, and unscrambling words.

Also available: Storybooks 1 are decodable stories that allow students to apply the skills taught in Workbook  1 to connected text. More Workbook 1 and More Storybooks 1 provide additional  practice with the skills covered in Workbook 1.

Skills Addressed: 

• Initial consonant sounds
• Short vowel sounds
• Sight vocabulary
• Sentence construction

Grades K-1