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Recipe for Reading: Intervention Strategies for Struggling Readers.

This newly revised manual by Frances Bloom and Nina Traub contains a series of structured lessons that cover the entire Recipe for Reading sequence. The material is presented in a flexible format, allowing teachers to differentiate instruction depending on the specific needs of their students.

Each lesson contains kinesthetic handwriting cues, phonological awareness and fluency activities, and words, phrases, and sentences for reading and dictation. The revised manual features additional phonological awareness exercises in the introductions to each new sound; a new section, For Fun and Practice, in each lesson; and references to the workbook pages and The Alphabet Series storybook that correspond to the lesson. The Focus on Sound appendix from the previous edition has also been integrated into the main lessons. The glossary has also been expanded. Skills have been realigned to accommodate Vol. 2 of the Alphabet Series and the new workbooks.

Grades K-3

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