Pre-Kindergarten Workshop - Livestream

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Pre-Kindergarten Workshop - Livestream
Pre-Kindergarten Workshop
Prerequisite: None
Workshop Hours: 6
Price: $289

Appropriate Audience: Pre-Kindergarten students age 3-4

Brainspring’s Pre-Kindergarten workshop introduces Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction to Pre-K teachers. The class emphasis is on setting the reading stage for Pre-K students through intensive phonological awareness instruction and sound-symbol correspondence introductions. Phonological awareness, one of the five pillars of reading instruction, is the underlying foundation for all reading development. Instruction builds awareness of the sounds of our language and systematically progresses towards the ability to easily manipulate these sounds. Pre-readers who develop strong phonological awareness are well-positioned to enter the print world with a higher chance to develop into skilled readers and spellers. Students who are print-ready benefit from our systematic, structured, multisensory Orton-Gillingham strategies to learn sound-symbol correspondences as they prepare for Kindergarten reading.

Teachers learn:
  • Background knowledge required for pre-reading development
  • Progressing levels of phonological awareness instruction
  • Targeted and purposeful multisensory, phonological awareness activities
  • Orton-Gillingham multisensory strategies to teach:
    • Beginning letter-sound introduction (letter-Key Word-sound)
    • Basic non-phonetic sight words
  • The critical connections between Phonological Awareness and Orton-Gillingham instruction for decoding and encoding
  • Suggestions for integrating instruction into the schedule

  • Phonemic Awareness (Fitzpatrick)
  • Pre-K Card Pack (Upper and lower case with Key Word pictures)
  • Sand Trays 1 lb. Magic Sand®
  • 1 Box Red Crayons/Red Word Screen

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