Phonics First Curriculum Guide

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Phonics First Curriculum Guide

Phonics First reading system, developed by RLAC (an IMSLEC Accredited MSL program), is a multisensory, systematic, structured, sequential, phonics-based, direct-instruction approach to teaching beginning, at-risk, struggling, learning disabled, dyslexic and ELL readers.

Rooted in the Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction, Phonics First uses scientifically research-based learning strategies to teach students systematic processes for decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling). Students who use the Phonics First Foundations system make significant gains in reading and spelling while building a lifelong understanding of the structure of language.

The Phonics First®  Curriculum Guide contains 145 lessons; over 145 reading/spelling concepts; 235 Sight Words (Red Words); and more than 100 syllabication lessons that include over 700 multisyllable words for decoding practice. Lessons emphasize a balance of reading and spelling for mastery of phonetic and non-phonetic words. In addition, lessons include structured syllabication study for decoding mastery of multisyllable words.

Phonics First lessons are divided into four Learning Layers:

  • Layer One - Basic short vowels, consonants and digraphs
  • Layer One Plus - A "shortcut" for beginning instruction for older students --emphasizes short vowel mastery through one- and two-syllable words
  • Layer Two - Blends, two-syllable words, plurals, simple spelling rules and familiar affixes
  • Layer Three - Silent-e, vowel pairs, consonant-le endings, y as a vowel, r-controls, homonyms, contractions, more affixes
  • Layer Four - Diphthong vowels, soft c and g, spelling rules, additional suffixes

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This curriculum guide is also used after completing RLAC's intensive Phonics First™ Professional Development course. RLAC trained teachers use thePhonics Firstcurriculum to implement structured, step-by-step multisensory lessons to teach reading and spelling skills in classroom, intervention and remediation settings. Instructors who have completed other, in-depth multisensory courses will also benefit from the Phonics Firstcurriculum guide..

Phonics First Professional Development

Grades K-3 general education; K-5 intervention

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