Brainspring Sound Wall Poster Set

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Brainspring Sound Wall Poster Set

This speech to print visual organization of phonemes and graphemes leads students to easily locate each sound, and then connect that sound to the possible spelling options. The colorful posters align with Science of Reading, presenting consonants and vowels on a sound wall, organized by the articulatory features of each phoneme:

  • mouth position (lips, teeth, tongue),
  • airflow (is it free flowing or blocked), and
  • voicing (what happens with the voice and vocal cords).

Our sound wall uses Brainspring’s Orton-Gillingham Phonics First and Structures program Key Words as sound anchors. Yet, teachers of any phonics program and approach will find this a perfect addition to each lesson when introducing new sounds.

The two no-glare laminated posters each measure 24” x 36” and can be arranged side-by-side or stacked one on top of the other. Included with the posters is an information sheet which includes examples of how to introduce the phonemes and graphemes on the sound wall, and four reproducible masters to optionally provide students with their own personal copies.

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