Structures Classroom Card Pack w/ Key Word Stickers

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Structures Classroom Card Pack w/ Key Word Stickers
Structures® Card Pack (2020 Edition)

Each Structures card pack contains 263 color-coded cards: white-consonants, yellow-vowels, green-roots and affixes cards that correspond to the Structures® Curriculum Guide or may be used in conjunction with any structured decoding/encoding instruction program. Use cards to review skills and concepts from previous lessons.

Phonics skills include:

  • single consonants
  • digraphs
  • single short/long vowels
  • short vowel ending rules (-ff, -ll, -ss, -zz; -ng, -nk; -tch, -dge)
  • consonant blends
  • silent-e
  • consonant-le ending syllables
  • vowel pairs
  • r-control vowels
  • diphthongs
  • prefixes and suffixes
  • hard/soft c and g
  • and more!

Printed on the back of each phonics skill card are pronunciations, Key Words, Structures® lessons references, and proper placement patterns for blending sounds into syllables.

Morphemes include:

  • affixes
  • Greek and Latin roots
  • number roots
  • roots to enhance understanding of words in every discipline

Printed on the back of each morpheme card are pronunciations, meaning, Key Words, and Structures lessons references

Cards are printed on top-quality card stock. The cards are sized for classroom use at 5.5” x 5.5” inches.

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Dimensions: 5.5" x 11" x 1.75” package contains two stacks of 5.5-inch square cards
Binding: shrink wrapped, 267 cards
Grades 6+ intensive intervention

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