Structures Classroom Card Pack

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Structures Classroom Card Pack

Each Structures card pack contains 234 cards, which consist of phonics skills and roots.
Phonics skills include:

* single consonants
* digraphs
* single short/long vowels
* short vowel ending rules (-ff, -ll, -ss, -zz; -ng, -nk; -tch, -dge)
* consonant blends
* silent-e
* consonant-le ending syllables
* vowel pairs
* r-control vowels
* diphthongs
* prefixes and suffixes
* hard/soft c and g
* and more!

Consonant concepts are printed on white cards; vowel concepts are printed on yellow cards. Sound pronunciations, sample words and the corresponding lessons from Structures Curriculum Guide are printed on the back of each card. Skill cards may also be used with any phonics program.
Roots include:

* Greek and Latin roots
* number roots
* roots to enhance understanding of words in every discipline

Roots are printed on green cards. Pronunciations, sample words, and root meanings are printed on the back of each card.

Cards are printed on top-quality card stock. This pack is sized for classroom use. Measures 5 ½ " x 5 ½ "

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