Structures Syllabication Guide

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Structures Syllabication Guide
Structures® Syllabication Guide (2020 Edition)

Syllabication instruction teaches struggling readers strategies to decode multisyllable words quickly and accurately. Students learn to systematically break a multisyllabic word into small, manageable syllables, identify the vowel sounds within each syllable and read the word.

Learn to systematically teach three syllable division patterns (VCCV, VCV and VV) and eight syllable types (closed, open, silent-e, consonant-le, vowel teams, r-control, diphthongs and schwa). Detailed instructions guide teachers through the process of teaching critical syllabication skills to students who have mastered basic, one-syllable word reading.

The 76 lessons include more than 500 words, teaching instructions, reproducible syllable reference cards, reproducible student worksheets and answer keys.

This companion book to Brainspring’s Structures® program can also be used selectively to complement most any systematic decoding and encoding program.

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Dimensions: 9.5" x 11"
Binding: Spiralbound, 219 pages
Grades 6+ intensive intervention

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